What is Digital OIQ?

Digital OIQ - On-Site Instant Quality is an innovative management approach that aims to quickly detect errors in business processes, correct them and continuously improve them. In order to maximize quality standards and increase customer satisfaction, our company has supported many companies, especially corporate companies, in managing their business processes efficiently by offering On-Site Instant Quality with the DIGITAL OIQ project.


Why OIQ?


Customer Satisfaction: Fast results obtained in quality control increase customer satisfaction and bring your company to a competitive advantage.

Productivity Increase: Quick response to errors makes production processes more efficient and effective.

Innovation and Development: Continuous improvement principles make your company culture more innovative and open to development.

Join the OIQ Movement!

Let's shape the future of your company together by participating in the OIQ project. Let's work together to achieve success with quick response and quality control. Let's reinforce your leadership in the industry by combining speed and quality with OIQ – On-Site Instant Quality!


Digital OIQ – Instant On-Site Quality Project Modules 

Meeting Calendar Management Module

Document Management Module

Topic-Request Management Module

Task Management Module

Integration Module with QDMS and Ensemle

Main Goals of the Project:

We are stepping into a groundbreaking era in quality control! In today's business world, equipped with the principles of continuous improvement and rapid response, we are very excited to introduce you to the DIGITAL OIQ (On-Site Quality) project, which is a unique quality control approach.

Quick Response: Minimize time loss by immediately responding to errors in production processes.
Quality Control: Constantly check compliance with quality standards and detect possible errors in advance.
Continuous Improvement: Learn from mistakes, review processes and continually make them more effective and efficient.