R&D Solutions


Marine Mobility Solutions

The use of vehicles integrated with modern technology for maritime transportation and service has become widespread. For this reason, the necessity of internet access in the seas has arisen. Moreover, information on ship safety, continuous equipment control, weather conditions and port conditions should be known in advance.


With this system, it is aimed to control commercial ships, passenger ships, ferries and even all sea vehicles designed for civil use. It is aimed to know beforehand the errors that may occur during sea transportation and to inform the user.

Boat Tracking System

    As the Argede family, regarding the boat tracking system; We inform mobile technicians and foremen for all processes, including equipment installation, system design, refurbishment, repair or restoration. We aim to keep the system status under complete control by tracking boats in a mobile environment.


    Whether a job is large or small, simple or complex, we strive to provide equipment, business or consulting that best meets the needs of your specified project. We consider the parameters of function, efficiency, reliability and aesthetics within the framework of your budget and schedule.