What is KAPSIS?

The metalworking and welding industries involve a complex series of operations in their production processes, such as material usage, machine park management, inventory tracking, and quality control. KAPSIS (Enterprise Resource Planning System) is a type of enterprise software or ERP system designed to help businesses operating in these sectors manage these processes.

KAPSIS is used to integrate operational processes, increase efficiency, track inventory, plan production, ensure quality control, and respond to customer demands in metalworking and welding industry businesses.


By enabling businesses to integrate data between different departments, optimize processes, and improve decision-making processes, it helps them gain a competitive advantage.


Unite the Power of Manufacturing, Manage Efficiency with KAPSIS!

What KAPSIS Offers?

    Planning: Keep all data related to your product in this area! Information here helps manage inventory tracking, order processing, and customer requests more effectively.

    Quality Control: Minimize errors in your orders, quickly assess quality status, and thereby maximize customer satisfaction! Maintain high product standards to build a reliable brand image.

    Process: Instantly track processes to effectively plan production, making production processes more transparent and easily manageable. Identify each product uniquely with product barcode entry feature for quick and accurate decision-making.

    Inventory Management: Manage all raw materials from a single platform for accurate stock information. Track your inventory processes transparently and systematically. Define different types of raw materials and control batch stocks. Strengthen your inventory management.

    Purchasing: Systematically create your requests. Evaluate bids collectively and easily place orders for services. Strengthen relationships with suppliers and control costs.


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