The Argede Family is a well-established company that has been operating successfully in the software industry for 13 years. Since our foundation in 2010, we have been working passionately to provide our customers with the best service and be a pioneer in our sector. The experience and knowledge we have gained during this process give us a significant advantage in following the changing trends in the sector and producing solutions in line with customer needs.

Thanks to the strong relationships we have established with our customers, we can understand their changing demands and continuously develop ourselves accordingly. We always aim for the best with an open-minded structure that embraces innovation. Our successful past is an indicator of our stability and reliability in our business. We have managed to become a prominent brand in the sector with the quality products and services we offer to our customers. As a team, we continue to work together to carry these successes further.

Our Values

Customer Focus: We approach our customers' needs with sensitivity and produce solutions for their success.

Innovation and Continuous Development: We move forward by adapting to the changes in the technology world and supporting continuous development.

Team Spirit: We achieve strong results by combining the talents of our team members in a collaborative working environment.

Ethical Values: We do business with a commitment to ethical values ​​such as transparency, honesty and respect.


Argede Information Technologies needs talented and passionate people in various departments. Our main career paths are:

Software Development: As software engineers and developers, lead software projects and hone your technical skills.

System and Network Expertise: We are looking for experts for the effective management of network infrastructure and systems.

Project Management: We need experienced project managers who will ensure the successful management of projects.

Our Certificates