Responsive Design for a Seamless Work Experience Across All Screens

Our CRM solution provides you with the powerful tools you need to manage your customer relationships, optimize your sales processes, and analyze your business data. With its responsive design, CRM empowers you to easily control your business anytime, anywhere, while boosting your productivity and maintaining freedom.


  • Master your data while working on a desktop in the office.
  • Examine details on a large screen.
  • Manage your data and business processes more efficiently at any time by adapting to different screen sizes.
  • Make faster decisions with instant access to data and business processes.






    Send SMS and Email!

    Keep Customer Communication Strong.

    Discover the SMS and Email Sending feature to strengthen your business's customer relationships and make communication more efficient.

    • This mobile-friendly feature allows you to reach customers anytime, anywhere.
    • It provides the ability to request feedback from customers or send surveys. This way, customer satisfaction can be measured and services can be improved.


    Manage Service Areas on the Calendar!

    Keep Control of Your Different Service Areas.

    Plan the process of providing healthy services to customers by adding appointment reminders, payment deadlines, or reminders about important dates.

    • You can choose between daily, weekly, monthly, or list views.
    • You can set reminders and notifications for important dates.


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